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freebsd vps for shell hosting

VS#1Opteron50G0.5TB 20Press Here Webminyes$15
VS#2Opteron100G2TB32Press Here WebminYes$25

free bsd jail specially designed for webhosting with directadmin control panel

VS#3Opteron100G2TB 1Press Here DirectAdminNO$30
VS#4Opteron500G10TB 1Press Here DirectAdminno$60

Windows server 2008 64 bit - full control


* This tab indicates the number of private ips, you get, and control their ptr records (you can set your own vhosts on them).
** This tab indicates the number of vhosts on a loyalness mother machine.
for any additional 50 shared vhosts (someone else created the vhosts, but you can use it), 5$ would be added to the monthly fee.
Included services:

  • Email account (user@yourdomain)
  • Webpage (http://yourdomain/~user),
  • SSH and FTP access, via your domain (ssh.yourdomain and ftp.yourdomain)
  • DNS services for domains
  • Online support on irc - Channel: #orgazma

    Additional Services:

    *In those ips you control the resolving as a opposed to the ips offer, under the "avilable vhosts" tab (shared ips).

    Payment Methods:

    Western Union Credit Card, Bank transfer or PayPal are accepted.

    For more info email admin@loyalness.com