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Terms of Use:

Terms in HEBREW - עיברית can be foun in here
Terms of Use -
General terms of use for all loyalness users.

  1. NO warez, or any illegal software is allowed on the shell. If we detect warez (hacked software/games, copyrighted music/movies, or any other theft of intellectual property), it will be deleted immediately and the account will be closed without refund.
  2. Abusive accounts will be shut down automatically, without refund.
  3. You are not allowed to abuse our network
  4. We do not backup any content, we provide tools (directadmin, plesk) to help you protect and guard your files. In any case we are not responisble to any data loss, that might happen from any reason.
  5. In case the hardware or the software from which we give any service is damnged, we will replace the hardware and send you an email with a new default settings<
  6. IRC support is a privledge. Abuse it and it will be blocked. We'r only obligated to give Email support and Phone support 24\7 to our customers, though we give 24 hours irc support.
  7. When Your account expires files will be removed automatically. Loyalness is not responsible for data loss incurred on our server in any case, and obvioslly if your account is not paid for.
  8. Any account which gets ddossed, will be moved to another machine immidiatly, to protect other users from suffering. This will be done automatically, and you will recieve by email the new details to connect to your new shell + new ips. We reserve the right to block attacked targets in order to protect our network
    Vitusl Server's owners - shell TOS:
  9. You get one super user on the mother machine with access to 510 vhosts. In this user's home directory ips for 100 shared vhosted ips. (of your choice).
  10. You decide which host your ip (within your bought range) will show. The hosts (ips) will be set as you request, and you can freelly use them. The ips can be used by other jail owners.. and you could use other jail owners ips if you execute term no. 11. If you wish to keep your ips private, it can be done, every private ip will exclude 2 ips from your range.
  11. You are responsible for any abuse originating from your clients. All abusive accounts will be shut down automatically without refund.
  12. When a shell account expires files will be removed automatically. Loyalness is not responsible for data loss incurred on our server, in any case, specially if your account is not paid for.
  13. In case there is a problem with any server on our systems, we'll provide an alternative server. Using an alternative would not be counted as down time. Any downtime would be added to your period.
  14. Business plan owners with a Virtual Server, are entitiled to have only 1 power user on loyalness mother machine.
  15. You are resposible for administrating and managing your server. If you do not know anything about Linux/FreeBSD, do not order a Virtual Server, use premade accounts Alternatively, you may be able to find an experienced administrator to help you.

    As long as you follow these simple rules, you will find us to be very flexible. Everything is doable - you wont find us blocking your way to success. Your success is our success.

    Dedicated Server's owners:
  16. Any illegal activity within your server, will cause your h-d to be formated, without any notice, or refund
  17. Loyalness' admins will have root password to your server 24/7, If you block us, your h-d will be formated, this term is inorder to enforce the previous term.
  18. IN addition to that loyalness will not be resposible to any abusive behaviour coming from your shell. ANd you will have to face the law authorities, in any case, you will be cought doing, illegal acitivity.
  19. for any physical adjustments needed on the shell, mail us. You can have 1 physical adjustment for free every month, any additional physical adjustmnet will cost 20$ (if we set it right the first time, we wont ever have to touch it, unless you mess it up. You will get instructions, on how to prevent messing it up.)
  20. loyalness offers monitoring service to your shell, in any case it is down it is possible to recieve an SMS or do premade instructions
  21. You must not send any abusive emails, or email that might be considered as spam. In any case it happens, you server will be shut down and deleted without further notice. If you want to send more than 10 emails every day, you must consult with us. We rarelly aprove any kind of mass email sending
  22. In any case you will need reisntall of the o-s (ie to physically go down to ISP and install a fresh O/S, it will cost you 100$ (keep your computer in good shape, and update security patches, and you wont ever have to reinstall it
  23. if you didn't renew your payment, your server will be deleted 1 day afterwords. You have to renew 1 month before your period expires, in order to ensure, the continuance of the contract. If you dont renew, we assume you dont want to continue, and we reserve the right to format your h-d 1 day after expiration.
  24. If you renew during the last month of your period(ie, you are late), we will relate to your payment as an offer to remake the contract, and we will start everything from scratch,(including 2 month payment in advance).
  25. We rent a server, not a battle zone, if we get complains about heavy ddos attacks, your server will be closed, and moved somewhere else (we provide a reasonable solution untill your date of expiration, meanwhile you will find your self a new battle zone, out side of our servers). If you needs advices on how to keep your server clean, use loyalness' admins,
    Free webhosting:
  26. You must backup your content.
  27. We may close your account in any time without any reason..
  28. We never owe you anything.
Payment Methods:

Western Union, all types of Credit Cards and Bank transfer are accepted.

For more info email admin@loyalness.com