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Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated Servers:
Proffesionality | Expirienced admins | Stability
Monitoring services | backup services | you can create PTR records.
DS - We specialize in Dedicated Servers.

IDRAMCPU speedIPsMore Informationh-d sizebandwithMonthly PriceBuy It Now
DS#1** 1G2.2ghz2 Press Here 40G10MBIT$60 BuyNow
DS#2** 2GOpteron DUAL core 2 Press Here 160G10MBIT$100 BuyNow
DS#3** 2Gquad core q66002 Press Here 160G10MBIT$130 BuyNow
DS#4** 2GXeon dual core IBM2 Press Here 150G20MBIT$150 BuyNow
DS#5** 8GDual IBM Blade Quad XEon E54302 Press Here 300G20MBIT$300 BuyNow

Included services:

  • monitoring service, we'll do premade instractions.
  • 24\7 phone support, server restart
  • We can instal: FREEBSD, windows, Debian, Redhat
    Additional Services:

    Upgrades - click here for more options
    Admin - If you need help adminig your shell, press the bottun, and buy a 1 month admining deal for 100$. Admining = keeping the server in a good state, and making sure every thing runs, and helping users build things, (not teaching them). If you know how to do it your self, you dont need it.

    Payment Methods:

    Western Union Credit Card, Bank transfer or PayPal are accepted.

    For more info email admin@loyalness.com
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