VS1 - Virtual server number 1

Recomended for beginers
you pay 20$, and you get root password.
You can exchange your 6 ips with 36 ready made vhosts
or trade any of them for 6 ready made vhosts of your choice.(you tell us wich range you like
The machine is on 100MBIT line with 255 ips routed to it
In this deal we dont charge an innitial fee, you send us 20$, and you'r online, with root
You can build what ever you want, as long as you do it according to the terms sections
You are limited to 20 Mega Ram Memory usage

Payment Methods:

Western Union Credit Card, Bank transfer or PayPal are accepted.

For more info email admin@orgazma.org

Note: An additional $.50 will be charged on each payment when using PayPal in order to cover fees.