DS1- dedicated server number 1

We setup a computer for you with your desired operation system.
Computer specifications:
  • CPU - 2200 Mhz
  • Hard Disk - 40 GIGA.
  • Ram memory 512 mega.
  • Integrated VGA + Network card.
    You get 100MBIT line + 2 ips.
    The monthly price as 40$.

    Payment Methods:
    We charge 100$ initial setup, or you pay 2 month in advance, and no set up fees.
    There are two options to pay for those 2 months:
    1. First month of service by PayPal(You will continue using paypal every month), plus Last month of service by WesternUnion.
    2. 2 Months serice by WesternUnion(first and last), (You will continue using WesternUnion every month)

    Western Union Credit Card, Bank transfer or PayPal are accepted.

    For more info email admin@loyalness.com